Posted by : Alon Havivi Tuesday, June 08, 2010

For example, in a SharePoint List:

1. Click List Settings.

2. Under Settings, click Advanced Settings.

3. Select the "No" (radio button)- Launch forms in a dialog, under Dialogs, as shown in the figure below

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  1. I thinks sharepoint is popular in market. mostly office worker are using that software. it's really easy. Sharepoint Development

  2. Is there any way to disable this setting in the schema.xml or in the list template or instance definitions?
    I didn't find anything so far.

  3. you can do it programmatically with the SPList.NavigateForFormsPages

    It's a boolean :
    true indicates navigate the full page and false indicates that the list form page is launched in a modal dialog.

  4. Thank you for the post.

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